“Utahns now have a chance to make their worlds go virtual.”  

“Virtualities…brings the fascinating, unsettling experience of virtual reality to Salt Lake City… the wall between real life and a game that feels just like the real thing gets thinner.


Hours and Location

M-Th: 12pm – 9pm
Fri: 12pm – 10pm
Sat: 11am – 10pm
Sun: 12pm – 6pm

2nd floor – Across from Discovery Gateway, next to Zumiez

Reserve Time, Book a Party or Corporate Event (check prices and availability here)


Book Reservations Online!

How does it work?

That’s the number one question we get.  We are a pay-to play model and we want to make VR as accessible and fun for everyone as possible.  Book a simple 30 minute experience at the button above.  We have 4 HTC Vive Bays (For full body experiences) and 10 Cinema Seats for passive experiences like rollercoasters (trust us though, its anything but passive!)

Tournaments, Parties, and Memberships

We do tournaments and want to make VR the next big thing in e-sports.  Our next tournament is Nov 18th.  Right now we are only taking tournament entries via phone or the contact form on our website.  Every tournament has free pizza when you buy a tournament or watch party ticket.

For parties- you have two options – you can book your next corporate, friend, or family event at the Cinema or Arcade or will bring it you and make your next party the happening, cutting edge place to be.  Book a time on our reservation page, or contact us to get our travel to your place rates.

If you are serious into VR, become a member.  Call us, or submit the contact form for details.  Some games are only available to members.  If you can get to the dragon on the Tower: Last Stand, you will get some major cred on our leaderboards.  Memberships are 95% off our normal rates – you can do the math yourself.


Check out our Games!

If you don’t see a pricing option you like – or if you are interested in business or press stuff, contact us here!

Also our website is getting totally revamped during the month of November.  If you see a broken link or something else out of place, or you just have a suggestion how we can be the awesomest arcade in the land contact us!  Our customers are the most important part of business!  Thanks.


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